A few frugal things

Today I share another list of ways that I have been saving money, inspired by The Non-Consumer Advocate and Notes From the Frugal Trenches. Enjoy!

  • I chaperoned a school field trip and got free admission for myself and my children to the Planetarium, including an IMAX movie and a dome show.
  • My neighbor gave me a bag full of craft items and games her kids no longer used in exchange for a small weaving tool leftover from decluttering my aunt’s house. My neighbor noticed it in a pile fiber crafting stuff in my basement sewing room a year ago. She asked me recently if I had sold it yet, and when I went over to give it to her, she showed me the bag of goodies. Now I don’t have to go through the trouble of listing it!
  • I took an old voucher (I think I’ve had it for 2 years!) for a free half gallon of ice cream to a local creamery, and they accepted it, so I picked up some peppermint ice cream for my husband’s birthday this month.
  • I made chili for dinner using: frozen tomatoes and peppers from last year’s garden, fresh onions and garlic from last year’s garden, a little bit of a frozen bag of corn (0.35?), a few cans of beans (2.50), and a pound of organic ground beef on clearance (3.79). We served it with homemade cornbread (1.00?). There was enough leftover for another dinner, and 2-3 lunches. Not bad for about $8. Plus, I have a bit more freezer space now.

stew hen in crockpot

  • I cooked up a stew hen this week, in my continued effort to use up what’s in the freezer. It was one of our own chickens that we killed ourselves, over a year ago. I put it in the crockpot overnight with part of an onion and some wilty celery. I made 2 quarts of very concentrated broth, then took the meat off and put the bones back in the pot to make 2 quarts of a weaker broth. The first half of the meat was chopped up and used in a scratch white sauce, to pour over rice ( a dish from my childhood we like to call “Family Special”). What to use the second half of the meat for has yet to be determined. These aren’t very big chickens, maybe 3 pounds or so, so we aren’t talking about a ton of meat. More of just a flavoring add-on to a dish than a main course.
  • I haven’t been to any stores except to buy food and gas in the last week.

How have you been saving money lately? Please share in the comments.

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